Custom Research Training


Whether you are in a small shop or a large shop, we can train you to use free and fee-based resources to enhance your knowledge about your donors or potential prospects.

An essential part of the training includes being the most efficient researcher you can be with time management skills, how to make the most of your database for research processes, and how to think strategically for your team's next moves.

Custom training or additional trainee rates also available.


Onsite: 1 day on-site standard training with one trainee (includes pre-calls, prep, and e-copies of all training materials).


Online: Four, 90 minute lessons for standard research training (includes pre-calls, prep, and e-copies of all training materials).

Prospect Identification Snap Shot Profiles


Do you have the major giving prospects you need to fill your pipeline and development officers' gift charts to meet your goals?

If not, we can identify new prospects for your organization which match your Case for Support. Don't be left short at the end of a campaign!


Foundations, Corporations and Individuals:

• 1-2 pages

• Contact information

Possible affinity & linkages

Giving guidelines

Relevant giving

Estimated capacity

Prospect Qualification Snap Shot Profiles


Are your current and lapsed donors giving at their capacity and are they likely to support any of your new initiatives?

We can look at your current donors for giving upgrades, affinity to your programs, and additional relationship links.

This will help you increase the likelihood of the donors being satisfied with what they are supporting, and developing a higher level long-term relationship with you.

Custom donor screening and review also available.


Foundations, Corporations and Individuals:

• 1-2 pages

• Contact information

Personal & professional highlights

Possible affinity

Relevant giving

Estimated capacity

• Qualification rating

Full Profiles


Do you need a deeper dive into your current, lapsed or prospective donors?

Can you determine the capacity when you are ready for an ask?

Detailed profiles can make sure you have done due diligence in your research to assure you are asking the right amount, at the right time, to the right donor, for the right program.



~5 pages in length

Includes contact info, possible affinity & linkages, giving guidelines and estimated capacity.


~5-10 pages in length

Includes contact info, giving guidelines, possible affinity & linkages, senior executive mini-bios, and estimated capacity.


~5-15 pages in length

Includes contact info, possible affinity & linkages, family foundation overview (if applicable), corporate overview (if applicable), wealth indicators, and estimated capacity.

Research Retainer


Have research available as you need it with our monthly retainer service.

In addition to having the flexibility in the type of research you choose, those on retainer will also benefit from having appropriate research and resources proactively "pushed" their way throughout the month.


Includes cost-effective, monthly, research services as specified above and/or specialized research or training, and on-going proactive research "pushed" to client.

Specialty Services


Have research in at the ground floor when developing your Strategic Plan and Case for Support.

Custom research surveys to support your Case for Support and/or Campaign. Development of a custom research strategic plan which relates directly to the goals of your organization.

We can also help determine what research, training, personnel, prospects, and databases are needed to complete your organization's goals.


Customized Research Surveys

Research & Strategic Planning

Pipeline Management

Database Efficiency

Board Peer Review Training

... and much more!